Angela Gomez


Angela is a Registered Dietitian & a Yoga instructor. Now she has added Summit Society leader to that list. Prepare yourself for Angela’s dance moves and vocals because, in her mind, she is a backup dancer AND singer for each of the songs she plays. Expect the focus to be on form and fun when you climb with Angela.

Lisa Hess Lowrie


Meet Leader Lisa! Lisa’s love for indoor cycling got her started on a teaching path and she has been leading group fitness for over 7 years. Lisa helps motivate her clients to push past their comfort zones and explore new limits, and cause of that many would say they @lovetohatelisa When she’s not making people sweat she’s spending time with her kids, fighting to end domestic violence, rescuing puppies, and dreaming of sunsets on the beach. You can expect to be challenged while feeling empowered and invincible and to get motivated by beats that will make you feel fired up!



Meet Summit Society Leader Annie! Annie is our resident Hungarian who is a former pro water polo player and current personal trainer/fitness instructor. You can always find Annie with a big smile on her face, even when she’s kicking your butt in class. Expect to be surprised by the music in Annie’s class, as she loves all genres - just like she loves all people. When not training, Annie can be found Skyping with her family in Hungary, making dope playlists or hanging out with her friends and kittens.

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